XMas Ecdition -Glitzer and Glamor from Andrew Christian + Coolness and Sexappeal from Addicted

Get the hottest collection ever from Andrew Christian and Addicted for Christmas.

The new Gold Edition by Andrew Christian is exceptional and impresses with its erotic mesh fabrics made of translucent polyester lace with elaborate gold-shining patterns.

You are sure to leave an impression! The soft material looks like it has been knitted, but is very fine and airy. This look is totally trendy right now and super sexy! And if it gets too hot for you, you just take it off.

Coolness and sex appeal, that's what the Addicted ES collection stands for this year

Our Spanish friends from ADDICTED ES know exactly what you like!

Sheer mesh makes you look extravagant. Your jewels are easily concealed and everything becomes very clear immediately! Ideal to give yourself away for Christmas.

Thin polyamide mix makes you feel like you're on holiday and you look sexy and seductive. The cool seductive fabrics give you a beautiful appearance and make your buttocks and front look seductive.

You're the hot guy in the locker room and on a date.
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