clubbing + Dresscode

Berlin is famous for its nightlife and every year thousands of tourists come to Berlin to enjoy this kind of experience.
But often there is a handicap at the entrance ... the bouncer.
The decisive factor in overcoming this hurdle is compliance with the desired dress code of each party.
On the websites of the clubs are important hints about the dress codes, which describe in advance the desired clothing style.
Are you still unsure and do not know exactly which dress code you need for Kitkat, Berghain, Lab.Oratory Berlin or Beast Party?
Then come over and let us advise you.
Our staff will gladly help you and show you which outfit you can score with.
We want to make, that your party Night will be unforgettable ad amazing and do not end at the club's door.

You will already find a small selection here:

Get inspired.

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