About Us

The company was founded to revive the monotonous and often very boring fashion range at the German underwear market in June 2008.
Bodysphere customers have valued the thoughtful and special selection of underwear items by designers from Europe, USA and Australia.
Bodysphere is continually striving to discover new brands and make these available to the consumer.
We place great emphasis on the quality of the products offered.
Bodysphere is for the discerning man and his live style. Our goal is to satisfy our customer's needs and at the same time to arouse new.
Therefore, in June 2014 Bodysphere-SELECTED MEN `S Underwear, the Bodysphere MEN` S CONCEPT STORE in which luxury, design and sports-savvy men find the things that they enjoy mingling and identify.
Each item in the range has been selected with care and attention to detail.
Bodysphere a brand for men, which remains true to its roots and at the same time new and innovative ways goes.
The logo was relaunched in 2014 and is now representative of the new orientation.




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